Buying More Plants Might Not Make the Coronavirus Go Away But They Can Make Us Feel Better

Hey plant lovers!

Right now we're all sharing a collective sigh about the state of the world as we deal with this coronavirus mess. Personally, being sequestered in the house has made creating an inviting space even more necessary and vital for my sanity!

As a small business, I found myself stuck on how I could support my customers/followers and also leave space for me to rest from the shock of how this whole thing has gone down. So many of you have reached out and asked about buying plants to liven up your space or to just have a living thing to take care of while you're alone. Buying plants won't make this virus go away but it can certainly improve our well being. But I also know, many people running out to splurge on plants at Home Depot is a recipe for disaster and disappointment. Both things we don't need right now.

After much thought, there a few ways I want to support you plant lovers and newbies entering your plant journeys. Lillith Plant Shop has partnered with our friend Dominique over at Plots & Pans, to host a series of IG Live Q & As about indoor and outdoor plant care. We hosted the first one a couple of weeks ago and we're so excited to host the next one, Wednesday, April 22 @ 6:30 pm. Send your questions early to @plotsandpans, bring your wine (or favorite drink), and join us for a question and a kiki.

If you need more specialized help, I'm scheduling free one-on-one IG Live 15 minute plant consultations. Sign up for one by emailing ( or DMing me

Let's make it through this together. At the very least let's check in and get to know each other. Creating community in any space is the key to our collective joy.

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