How to Choose the Right Plant for Your Space

So you've seen all the Instagram and Pinterest posts of homes with gorgeous urban jungle vibes and your eyes became green with envy. Despite your new found interest in indoor greenery, you don't know where to start with your plant journey or whether you want to try your hand at plant ownership. Never fear! We've created your go to guide for choosing the right indoor plants for your home and lifestyle.

Do you live in a basement apartment or in a building that gets little light throughout the day? Here's a few plants that will thrive even in low light:

Low light:

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ)

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (ZZ)

ZZ Plants are tropical plants native to east Africa. They are found in lush forestry and survive on ambient light. They are the perfect selection for a low light room or basement apartment with a smaller window.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos are extremely tolerant of low light conditions or windows where the sun may be blocked. These plants also thrive in artificial light, perfect to add some green to your bathroom or kitchen.

Alternatively, do you have floor to ceiling windows with the best lighting ever? (Well lucky you!) Here are a couple of plants that will love the gorgeous light you get:

Bright indirect light:

Alocasia Amazonica

Alocasia Amazonica aka elephant ear plants prefer bright indirect light. It will do well in front of a window with a curtain or blinds to temper some of the light. Direct light may burn the leaves so be sure to check occasionally and adjust as needed.


Succulents also like bright light to thrive. They can even be placed outdoors in the summer for maximum color. Place in front a the window with the best sun, and your succulents will grow for years to come.

There's a plant for any kind of light you have in your home. You can grab these and many more at our pop up sales around the District. Check out the list of popups we have coming up.

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