Starsha's Favorite (People, Places, and) Things!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Updated (July 2020)

In an effort to be helpful to my fellow plant lovers, I wanted to create this list of my favorite people, places, and things in the plant world. I hope you enjoy. I will continue to add to this list so check back frequently for more links!


1. Plots and Pans

Dominique of @plotsandpans is the ying to my yang, the bread to my butter, the blond lacefront to my Beyonce in the plant world. She is THE outdoor plant guru and together we are bringing people closer to plants everyday. She has even partnered with Tik Tok to bring you bite sized tidbits for your enjoyment. Follow her for all your gardening needs.

2. Planterina

I have been following the @planterina account for a couple of years and I have learned so much. She is known for upcycling materials in the most innovative ways and I just LOVE her ingenuity.


1. Botanical Safari

Tiana at Botanical Safari is a recent connection on and offline. She recently opened up her plant store outside of Atlanta and I am ecstatic for her. Follow her on IG and if you're in the area, head to her store and support a black-owned plant business. #blackgirlmagic

2. Zen Succulent

Zen Succulent (and owner Megan) is a gem in North Carolina. With stores in both Durham & Raleigh, she is bringing #indoorgreening to our southern plant lovers and we love it!

3. Natty Garden

My mother and I visited Natty Garden in 2018 to research black-owned plant stores. Located in my home city, I just knew I would love it. I wasn't disappointed! It happened to be my mother's birthday and not only did the owner gift us a plant he also took a great photo with me! It's such a gem in the city. He now owns a second location and Natty Pets for all your pet care needs.

Plant Care Products

1. Southern AG Triple Action Neem Oil

This has been working to rid the house and my plants of the dreaded soil gnats! It works by killing the larvae in the soils before they can mature and become those buzzing annoyances in your urban jungle. Dilute in 1:10 parts water and water the soil only of your plants. Repeat until the gnats are gone!

2. Fox Farms Liquid Fertilizer

Fox Farms fertilizer has been excellent for my plants. From begonias to monsteras, this trio can serve all your plant care needs. Please read instructions carefully before use.

Planters & Decor

1. Peach & Pebble Ceramic Planter

Listen! I have used these planters for so many of my clients. They are excellent quality, sleek, and affordable. They even come in multiple colors and sizes.

2. Potey Cotton Rope Woven Plant Basket

This basket it hearty, well made and beautiful. A triple threat. I have two of them and will certainly use them for my clients in the future.

3. Aceple LED Grow Light

This sleek grow light is perfect for most houseplants. It's affordable, compact, and effective. Perfect for your favorite plant in the low light room.

4. West Elm Forest Cache planters

When I first saw these planters I just loved the mud cloth look of them. They are extremely sturdy, beautifully made, and add great texture to spaces. Unfortunately, they do not have a drainage hole so placing a nursery pot into this one is recommended. Fits a 6"nursery pot perfectly.

*Full disclosure - I receive a small percentage of the purchase price for some of these items. Thank you for your support!

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