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Hello there to all the new Lillith followers!

My name is Starsha Valentine and I am the owner and Chief Plant Lady of Lillith Plant Shop. I'm a multipassionate entrepreneur and consultant residing in the suburbs of Washington, DC. I am an alumni of Howard University (H! U!) and I am a die-hard advocate for transformative black experiences.

I started Lillith in 2018 with a vision and a $5K investment from my mother (more on that in later posts). As a black woman that grew up with plants in the background, plant care has always been intuitive to me. This business was a natural fit and resonates so solidly with people that feel connected to #indoorgreening as a lifestyle.

As a business, we have done numerous workshops, popup sales, consultations, and plant installations. Since our launch, we have sold over 1,000 plants, done 20+ plant installations, and made plant parents out of so many of our followers.

However, in these unprecedented times, I am continuously thinking about how my business can be used as a tool for the liberation of black people? Is that even possible? Can we find freedom within a capitalist society? How can I make rest a part of my business plan when as a black woman, I'm expected to carry so much of the movement on my shoulders? Also COVID...? These are amongst the many questions that I have considered in my business model. During my ruminations, I have come to the conclusion that a new business model is necessary to move forward. I can't operate Lillith in the same way that I did pre-COVID. I can't operate it in the same ways as I did in the previous years. So....


We are putting most of our business operations on hold. We are not doing any in-home installations, we are not planning any pop up sales, we do not have any plants for sale at the moment, and we will not do any in-person business, indefinitely. Starting in August 2020, we are offering 30 minute plant care consultations for $45. These consultations will provide guidance for your current plant collection or suggestions for plant additions. Information on how to book those will be shared shortly. We will continue to have engaging conversations via our social media channels about how incorporating plants into your life can create healing. We will continue to talk to dope BIPOC entrepreneurs moving around in these spaces. That's pretty much all I'm able to commit to while we figure this new world out together.

I hope you're down for the ride and I look forward to getting to know you all in the future. Thank you for signing up for our mailing list and stay tuned for more to come!

Cheers to tomorrow!

Starsha Valentine

Chief Plant Lady

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